About Us

Shan is a local professional whom has benefited from working in multiple industries including essential oils and creating flavours.

Shan discovered Aryuvedic medicine after searching through modern medicine seeking for aid in simple and definitive answer to self-happiness.

Modern medicine is synthetic and disturbing to the natural rhythm.

After studying and exploring pharmacy at University Shan was at the forefront and could definitively see modern medicine was designed to finance further medicine; this led him to seek alternative routes of happiness.

After Shan had begun working in synthetic flavours, he found the infinite possibilities, but he couldn’t find a natural solution.
It was evident thing could easily be reproduced, so synthetics were temporal; this directed him to look for the answer that could stand the test of time.

Shan worked in the service industry he delivered new and exciting flavours to his customers as well himself. With his passion and care, he realised synthetics were not sufficed in the pursuit of happiness.

He began working with natural oils this natural route proved to distinguish the power of natural to the people around him and himself.

His discovery of the power of natural led him to want more.

More meant the actual unveiling of the levels of happiness which were untapped. Happiness was no longer the question.

Now the question was:


Energy relied on sacred geometry, healing crystals and essential oils.

The pursuit of happiness led him to these compounds. It was imperative Shan pursued this to the full extent as sharing his answer to the world was the way he felt he could give back. Give back the world what it gave to him.

The combination of these energies create a truly harmonious experience and at myCopperCup, we want to share the experience.