Water? Storing water? The best way to store water

According to Ayurveda which is the medical system of yoga. You should store your water in a COPPER vessel because it adds prana ( life force energy) to the water. There are also many health benefits to copper. Water is a very complex material and should be treated with respect and reverence. Where there is … Read more

Key Benefits Associated with Consumption of Copper Minerals (Cu)

Brain Stimulant Absorption of Iron & Sugar Prevents Growth of E. Coli Improves Thyroid Health Promotes Formation of RBC (Red Blood Cells) Boosts Immunity Increases efficiency of Iron within the body Efficient enzymatic reactions Improves the health of eyes, hair and connective tissues Reduces ageing progression Increased energy production Reduces cholesterol Balances thyroid glands Reduces … Read more

Who we are?

We use the energy contained from sacred geometry, healings crystals and the health properties of copper. Why we use these 3 energry systems? Sacred geometry starting from a singular point, it grows into a complex reoccuring design forming a beautiful pattern. This is much like how our universe was created from one atom, protons and … Read more