KN95 Face Mask – CE Certified



KN95 Face Mask – CE Certifie

  • KN95¬† masks significantly reduce the chances of contracting the Corona virus when worn properly.¬† These are the equivalent of N95 masks and are thicker than normal surgical masks. FREE POSTAGE, SAME DAY DISPATCH
  • Offer 95% filtration filtration protection against dust, particles and toxins. It also offer an auxiliary or added layer of protection against viruses and bacteria
  • Inner Activated carbon filter layer increases filtration efficiency versus dust, pollen, gases, odours and It can effectively separate PM2.5 fine particles and bacteria.
  • Incorporates proprietary technology with advanced electrostatically charged microfibre filter media, designed for easy breathing.
  • Elastic ear-loops with no added pressure to the ears. Comfortable material which does not rub your face.

Please ensure basic steps are taken i.e social distancing, hand washing, controlled breathing if in social situations. Avoid people with flu like symptoms but make sure to offer assistance and compassion.

How to Apply:

When putting the mask on ensure that you take the following steps:

  1. Wash hands
  2. Separate mask carefully from pack avoiding contact with other masks.
  3. Pick up by ear straps.
  4. Place mask on face.
  5. Ensure mask is level on the face.
  6. Bend top metal clip and adjust onto nose.
  7. Ensure face there are no side holes, shaving of facial hair is necessary to allow for a closed seal.
  8. When removing mask to be re-used DO NOT touch the front of mask. Take off by ear straps and place the mask in a dedicated place.
  9. Wash hands.

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