Ayurveda Wellness Copper Bottle Sri Yantra

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100% pure copper water bottle. Handcrafted with 2 gemstones set in a pure silver setting.

Size: 600 ML

Gemstones: Green Malachite

Sri Yantra Engraving

Mantra: Your Heart Knows the Direction, Run in That Way- Rumi

Delivered in secure & stylish packaging.


Thank you for taking the time to view our page! When you read on, we hope to leave you feeling both informed and super excited to explore our products. We are a small team of people that have come together through a shared intention to heal others through the simple daily act of drinking water.
Thankfully there are many companies that are now promoting the health benefits of copper vessels so we wanted to take this market one step further to make a truly unique tool for healing and health.
We are aware that our bottles are more expensive than most, but we didn’t want to settle for anything less than a top quality product!

So what exactly does make us different from other water bottles on the market???

We focus our products around one key factor,

“How can we be more holistic?”

Body, feelings and mind are all intimately connected to our wellbeing and our health is only as good as the weakest aspect so we have created a truly unique bottle that has a positive impact on all three!

Keep on reading to find out exactly how our bottles can be used as a tool for the ultimate holistic healing.


Copper is by far the best natural material that can be used to store your water in. In trace amounts, copper is essential to the body and provides a huge amount of health benefits and support toward the functioning of the body. Copper also has antibacterial properties and has been scientifically proven to kill many different types of germ that come into contact with it which is why it has been used over in the east for thousands of years where there has been less advances in medical science regarding the elimination of bacteria in the water. A simple check online will show you the wide range of physical health benefits that copper offers the body, but we want to share with you some more information that is unique to our bottles.


Copper supports the production of the myelin sheath which is responsible for allowing the electrical impulses in our brain to transmit quickly and efficiently. A boost in cognitive functioning means a sharper mind, and a sharper mind means less time needed for thinking and more time available for doing. YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK! Through our intentions, we can affect the quality of our water, YES we can actually affect that which we put in our body through our thoughts! We have placed crystals on each of our bottles and engraved positive affirmations to support mindful living and encourage you to take an opportunity to send yourself a beautiful positive intention because you deserve it!


We all have feelings and we are all driven by our emotions through the actions we take. If we feel good about things we do them with love and we accomplish them to no end. We value the power our emotions give to us and others around us and teach you how to cultivate positive emotions in order to strengthen your intentions and support you to manifest the life you want using our bottle. Each of the crystals on our bottles have been purposely chosen and set in a tactile way for you to have more connection and presence with your emotions while drinking water.

To condense this all down into one simple saying, we say:


Touch a crystal and cultivate a memory to evoke the emotional response you desire, set an intention for yourself and then mindfully drink your water to gain optimum use of this healing tool!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this find out about us.



Ayurvedic medicine recommends storing water in copper vessels as a treatment for various ailments, through modern science alone we know that copper alkalises water and is antimicrobial killing various harmful bacteria found in drinking water.

Each bottle features natural gemstones cherished by different cultures around the world for the positive energy they emanate.

CLEANING AND USE- This product should only be used for drinking water.
To clean apply lemon juice and rinse thoroughly with water.

Antimicrobial Properties of Copper:
Ayurvedic Health Benefits of Copper:
Intentions and water:


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